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Boo is a Believer

Boo is a Believer

Boo is a Believer

Boo is a Believer in Christ.  He has just asked Jesus into his little heart.  It was the most precious prayer…..He asked God to allow His Son to come and live in Him, by means of the Holy Spirit.

Actually, he wanted God to “think about it.”  LOL………… The angels and this household are praising God for this wonderful gift and the knowledge that the child, He gave to us as a gift, now has Christ dwelling in him!

It warms my heart knowing that my children are coming to the knowledge of who God is and what He did for them.  I pray that my other children will come to salvation, as well.  Until they understand what being a believer is all about, I will continue to pray on their behalf.  I will try to lead, by example, and guide them on a day-to-day basis.

I pray that the Lord continues to shine His light on Boo (and all my other children).  Warriors for Christ is my desire for all my children and grandchildren.  I am so tickled I had my camera ready to capture this sweet little face.  My heart is simply swelling with joy.  God is so good.

For now, I will rejoice in the saving grace of my heavenly Father.  I will continue to pray for Noah to be the leader, provider, and protector that he is called to be.  God is good.

Jehovah Roi, The God Who Sees, saw an amazing thing, tonight!  Praise Him!


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