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Got All of the Birth Certificates for Dossier

Got All of the Birth Certificates for Dossier

Got All of the Birth Certificates for Dossier, finally.  We went to my mom’s for a Feb/Mar birthday celebration.  While we were there, I picked up the rest of my birth certificates and my marriage certificate. Phew that little (huge) part is over.

I sat last night and scoured the internet for grant programs.  Finally, I got all my applications (well some) printed out and ready to fill out. I can’t do much with them until my home study is done.  So, I’m going to gather what I can and send in my info, asap.

Moving On

Even the small steps are one step closer to bringing our son home…where he will be safe, fed and happy.  One step closer to getting our homestudy and our dossier done.

I’ll be speaking with the agency that we are going to go with and send that application in. That is going to be a huge relief. It is very stressful choosing the right place. There are so many options.  Also, there is so much paperwork.  I now know why people call it a “paper pregnancy.”

I urge anyone that is considering any type of adoption to ask lots and lots of questions, talk to people (if at all possible) that have used a particular agency, check with the Better Business your homework.

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