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Staying Busy

Staying Busy

Staying Busy, I’ve faxed in my dossier for approval. If it is good, then I will mail the official set to them ASAP.  Amazingly, USCIS received my application.  We got our KSP, finally.  Thankfully, aren’t criminals LOL

Dossier Info

I found enough pictures to satisfy for picture layout for my dossier.  We got our account set up through Starfish Orphan Ministry and I’m diligently trying to finish our grant/loans papers (ugh).  This paperwork is vastly different than our other paperwork.  Foster care adoption and International adoption are both hard, but this paperwork is horrible.

The 1st home study visit went great and the second is set for Saturday. That is our home visit.  I’m doing a lot of cleaning and fixing little things that need to be done before she gets here.  We are familiar with getting a home study and the visit done.  So there is really nothing that we are worried about in that area.  They are more time consuming than anything.

Trying to have faith, let God get the glory for it all! I am also I am staying busy.  There is a lot to do.  It’s all about hurry up and then stops.  That process stays on repeat forever.  He *will* provide in His timing! (say, repeat, say, repeat, tattoo, put it all over the house).

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