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When Your Sister Says JUMP

When Your Sister Says JUMP

When Your Sister Says JUMP

When Your Sister Says JUMP…I scramble and hustle! T called and told me that I need 2 pieces of paper notarized and county seal. I had one done and the other, well, no clue as to what the article was for. She emailed me an already filled in copy and told me to GET IT DONE AND GET IT MAILED TO HER! If I mail it to her, then she will go to Frankfort to have it state sealed.

Hustle and Bustle

You have to have it notarized to verify who you are.  It has to have a county seal to verify that the notary is a notary.  Next, you have to have a state seal.  This proves that the county is the county in which the notary is actually a notary.  Confusing, I know.
Okay, so both papers notarized and I’m hustling to get to the courthouse to get it county sealed. Now, I’m wearing the pants and shirt that I had been painting in.  I had no makeup and my hair all over the place.  To add to it, I was wearing my heel-less slippers. I’m rushing down the road.
All the while thinking “I have to hurry.  Must get this to the courthouse.  Then, I need to get to the post office, pick up my passport applications.  Then, I need to get home, finish cleaning the house, and make sure the kids are bathed.” I was in the process of remodeling my laundry room.  All done, the day before the social worker was to come and visit for our second part of the home study.

Isotoners Versus Cow

As I’m driving down the road, I happen to glance at this farm and notice that two calves had broken through a fence. I, being the great Christian person I am, though I had too much to do in too little time, so I drove on by. Well, conviction ensued, and I turned around, drove up the long driveway, and saw this sweet man, in his 70s working. I told him that his calves were out and that I’d be happy to fix his fence and get them back in their proper field.
Here I go, praying this doesn’t take long….walking through the pasture (in my Isotoner heel-less slippers). I realized that I couldn’t get what I needed to be done from the angle I was going at it, so I walk down the road a bit and go into the neighbor’s yard…slushing through the mud and the muck. The calves were frightened, and they were running in a direction I didn’t want them to go in…towards the road. I finally got them going in the other direction and instead of going back through the hole they already created…they created 2 more holes. Stupid, stupid cows! At any rate, as I’m fixing the fence, I looked down, and there was cow manure all over my shoes…not just a bit, a bunch. I scraped off what I could, fixed the fence, blessed the sweet man, and off I went to the courthouse.

Clueless in the Courthouse

I got to the place I *thought* I was supposed to go and bless their hearts…they were CLUELESS! So, off to place 2 and there was a line, all the way out the hall. I finally get in the position to ask if I’m in the right spot.
Guess what? I wasn’t. Down to the vault I go.  In the basement and they do what I need for them to do! Praise God. Thankfully, no one mentioned my perfume of cow manure.
I rush off to the post office, mailed my letter, got my applications, and then I headed home to finish my many many things left to do before the social worker shows up.  By the way, I did take my slippers off before my social worker showed up.  When my sister says jump, I jumped with and without them on LOL.

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