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Trying Hard is the Story of my Life

Trying Hard is the Story of my Life

Trying Hard is the Story of my Life

Trying Hard is the Story of my Life.  I got word that there would be some additional paperwork that needs to be notarized (blech) and sent with my dossier. It isn’t atrocious paperwork like I’ve been doing, but still.  I’m ready for this thing to be out of my hands.  It needs to be in the hands of my agency.  Also, it needs to be sent to Ethiopia BEFORE MAY 7th!

Luckily (not luck, but Godly), I was able to put my hands right on the paperwork.  My sister is sending me the stuff that I don’t have so I can print it off. It’s all okay because as I’m sweating in inappropriate places LOL.  Ironically, I am thumbing through more documents, double-checking everything.  Then, this song In His Time was playing through my mind.

In His Time

I sang that song, in my hometown church when I was a child.  Now, here it is 20 years later, popping back up. How blessed am I to be a child of God.  Amazingly enough, He knows that all of these “delays” are part of His plan.

He loves me, He loves my son, but for some reason or the other, He has been putting up roadblocks in sending off my dossier. That is okay (remember to breathe)…He has His reasons and they are for good and not to harm. Praise be to Him

Remember when you are trying to do something and wanting to do it now, it is ALL in His time. Off to blow my nose and wipe my sweat………again. Love spring 🙂

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