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Finally PROGRESS in this Journey

Finally PROGRESS in this Journey

Finally PROGRESS in this Journey

Finally PROGRESS in this Journey.  We are officially in Ethiopia.  Well, not physically.  However, our dossier is hanging out at the American Embassy in Ethiopia.  Next step, by this coming Monday, it will be translated.  After translation, we will get our referral!  One step closer to putting a face with a name.  The most exciting part is that I am one step closer to seeing my son.  Then we wait…again!

International adoption, older child adoption, Ethiopian adoption…none of these things are easy.  The Lord chose this beautiful country.  Actually, I was about 10 years old when that thought entered my heart.  In this Finally PROGRESS post, I am trudging down a dark and narrow path.

A Few Words from the Future on Finally PROGRESS Post

In hindsight, I have come to learn to expect the unexpected.  In rereading this Finally PROGRESS post, it speaks to my heart.  Furthermore, no adoption is alike.  This is the same for people, we are all different.  Things can be going smoothly along and then BAM.  Sadly, for us, that meant a 15-month delay.

Moving On

In the days since this Finally PROGRESS post, I have adopted again.  This time, it was a domestic family adoption. Sadly, it is still considered an older child adoption because he was almost two years old.  Guess what?  This adoption was just as difficult as the previous three.

My Quiver

I hope that my quiver is officially full.  Today (being 2018), I have 7 children.  Three of my kids were born “under the heart” and four were born “in the heart.”  It has been an interesting rollercoaster throughout all these years.  I can say that we have Finally PROGRESS in all aspects of life.

Next stop:  Grandchildren.  I’m not on the fast train to those little humans, but I will welcome them when they come.

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