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International Adoption Referral Picture

International Adoption Referral Picture

Before today, I simply haven’t had any new info to post.  Now, however, we have our International Adoption Referral Picture and Video.

I NOW have something to post. We have our referral. We are thrilled. I received it during one of the worst weeks of my life. Wednesday, I left for California. My friend from Finland was home and she wanted to see me…I needed to get away…then again, maybe I didn’t need to getaway. I was a train wreck on the plane. That was a lot of time to remind me of what a horrible person/wife/parent I am. Once I safely landed, I was greeted with my dear friend, her sweet husband, precious baby, and a wonderful mother.

Good Friends

Nothing but smiles and understanding. My friend “briefed” everyone on my situation, so supper was nothing short of how to properly maim men who don’t understand that no means no. Things were okay, tense, not sleeping much, but okay Thursday and then Friday…we got a video of our precious son and pictures to boot. My tears of heartache were transforming into yelps and tears of joy. Everyone in the room was an emotional basket case (I, of course, drug them by their hair to see my sweet son.)

We See Him, We Know Him.

It is official…we have chosen…we have been chosen…we have wonderful people in our lives that have brought us one step closer (you know who you are and thank you again). I have a bit more peace. I’m reminded every day that each delay, each moment there isn’t enough money, with each snafu…it is all ordained by a Big God. He will bring us together in His time and His time only. He sends people from the farthest east and the farthest west to meet the needs of His chosen ones, according to His will. I have to rest in that. He won’t call our family to do something if he hadn’t already ordained how it would all play out.

Once I figure out how to find my picture of my cutie…..I’ll be posting it 🙂 Blessings to all.

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