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Boo, 9, wants to be Steve Irwin when he grows up. He is a professional lizard/snake/frog catcher, and he loves to come and show me his finds. Boo is sneaky. He can tell you the differences between each snake he catches, whether they are boys or girls, poisonous or not. He is the man 🙂
Boo has come a long way since he was a bitty. He entered into this world, with his mommy sick with bronchitis/laryngitis (the nurses loved me). During the delivery, he was flanked, in birth by his daddy and his 2 aunties.  We had the privilege of them blessing him with prayers.  Also, they were really good to me and my back (altho, I still have hospital washcloth scars on it). He was so so sweet, such a joy.
A Little Bit of Sadness
We went through a very dark time, together. Boo was diagnosed with a lot of stuff, mainly centering around the autism spectrum. Sensory issues (only would eat crunchy food), couldn’t handle touching different textures, screamed with bright lights, noise, people, he wouldn’t look you in the eye, you couldn’t touch him…there was a lot of screaming involved, and he was the master of escape. He also didn’t speak until he was a bit over 3.
Family Support
During this time, daddy was on the road, working. Me, I was homeschooling my 5 yr. old, corralling my 3 yr. old and loving on a little man and working through his issues. I distinctly remember being told that I’m crazy, he’s fine, leave it alone, blah blah blah. I went to visit my sis, in Louisville and, by mistake, she gave my little fella real milk. Within a matter of minutes, she was at the bathroom door apologizing. He went from eye contact, sweet, good, happy to screaming, not looking at you, couldn’t speak…it was a trip. I got tickled, because I’m used to it, but she had never seen a switch, that quick.
Love of My Life
Fast forward a few years, and we (off casein and limited gluten and shot free) have a bright, busy, active little boy. He has the most awesome belly button on the face of the planet. He is such a joy and a blessing. We have a very strong bond…I guess due to many sleepless nights. He is a fish in the water and a reptile wrangler out of the water. He loves deeply, and our lives would not be complete without him.
He’s a busy busy busy boy LOL…..busy…..and precious “Mom, have I had a hug today?” Love that kid!

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