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God is SO good

God is SO good

God is SO good. I have criteria before I make any significant decisions…..I mean, it is all in my control, right? 

Sis called and stated that I need to go on this first trip. That was not in my schedule o plans. B was going to go on the first trip, for court. I was going to go on the second trip to pick up my little man. If I *didn’t* go, we’d have to readopt him after 6 mths in the states. Not a problem. 

Knowing the Right People

We know a lawyer who does this as his ministry. All we’d have to pay is court costs. If I *did* go, then when the judge said “yes,” he would automatically be a US citizen. We wouldn’t have to readopt…no brainer. I’d stay home with the kids the first round, and he’d stay home the second round. 


So, I’d made arrangements, paid fees, talked to mom about having a wreath booth in the Hunter’s Moon Festival in Grand Rivers on the 9th (the day B was supposed to leave for Africa). Also, there was the childcare issue and the whole money issue. 

It just seemed to fit, and then sis calls and blah blah blah blah blah wants me to go on the first trip. “Make the call, reserve your tickets, step out on faith,” Easier said than done. I know, that is horrible, but I’m trying here!

Travel Agent, Maybe

I let last week go by without calling the travel agent. Sadly, I just couldn’t do it. I put it off. We had enough for him to go on this first trip alone, and hopefully, we had raised enough for me to go on the second trip. On Saturday, we had the city-wide yard sale…I went with my MIL. 

Huge Surprise

We ginned around town, and then we stopped to eat at our favorite little sandwich shop. At one point, we got to talking about the trip and what our dilemmas were. She stopped me dead in my tracks and said: “I’ll take care of the kids…no big deal.” Wow. That is huge of her to offer. I also had 2 friends willing to take the day shift and my mom willing to do a couple of days. God fixed that.  

Another God Moment

Guilt overcame me because I had committed to this booth, sent in the registration, and paid the fee. I tried to find someone to operate the booth, and no one was able to. My mom was willing to help set up but not stay….so I’m in a pickle. 

That Sunday evening, my mom called, and she said for me not to worry because she and my aunt were going to do the booth on that day! Wow! That is huge, too! We can still fundraise, and my aunt is willing to help. My mom and her sister together…..Grand Rivers will *never* be the same! God fixed that.


Well, this morning, during my study…God laid on my heart to let go of my laziness/idleness and start doing what I’m supposed to do. Stop putting things off. So, I decided to call all 5 kids upstairs…we worked for HOURS on my bathroom/bedroom/closet. The bathroom looked so nice. 

About 11 am, I thought…I’m gonna do it. Finally, I decided to call and order the tickets. I had sent Boo out to check the mail, and there was nothing. He came in, resumed work, and I came down to make the call. Finally, I did it. I ordered tickets for both of us.

God is Good

My heart was wrenched. Honestly, I couldn’t breathe. I was trusting that we could fundraise for my trip in Nov/Dec. Got that phone call taken care of and went back upstairs to work. About 10 minutes later, Boo came upstairs with the mail in hand. I sifted through it and on top was a letter from ShowHope. 

For some reason, I knew they’d be sending it but didn’t expect it till the end of the week. There was a moment where I was hesitant to open it. We had been turned down by every other grant place. ShowHope will send a letter one way or the other. So, I stood…opened it….and we were awarded A HUGE GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are done…money is there, waiting, ready…..GOD FIXED IT!

I’m so humbled and thankful for His many provisions! Praising His Name. Also, I am jumping up and down!

Jude….here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Oh my Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! He is SO FAITHFUL! Thanks for posting how faithful He's been – it's a "faith builder" for everyone that reads it! Can't wait to meet your new little man Jude! <3

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