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One Small or HUGE Note

One Small or HUGE Note


Just in case you didn’t know our One Small or HUGE Note.  Oh gracious, the feeling of being able to say that is so exciting.  I just cannot believe it.  We passed.  That is such a huge deal.  We were so nervous.  Woudneh, our go-to guy, told us some of the questions that were going to be asked.  He also said how we should conduct ourselves and speak clearly.

The judge was gorgeous and soft-spoken.  We were both sweating bullets and could barely hear what she was saying.  There were moments when we would look at Woudneh with confusion.  His gentle eyes would calm us and we would gather ourselves.  Then, we would be able to confidently answer her.

I’m sure you needed to hear that again, cause I sure do need to say it again!  We passed court in Ethiopia.  Our son is now, officially, our son.  He is Abinet Bart Crum.  Rest assured, we will be changing his name, once in America!  By this passing of the court thing in Ethiopia, he has become an American citizen.


Next Step

We will fly home for about 6 weeks.  Our next step is to wait for confirmation from USCIS and to get the go-ahead to head back to Ethiopia to bring him home.  He will be home for the holidays!  That is the plan, for now.  I guess it is all subject to change with the Ethiopian government.  Hopefully, we will be able to travel with the same group of people.

It has been nice getting to know them and their kids.  This experience will definitely keep us all bonded for a lifetime.  I hope we will be able to keep our kids in touch, though most of the children won’t remember.  What beauty for us, as adults and parents.  Yet, the sadness these children face and their families left behind does not escape me.

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