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News from Ethiopia from Brandi!!!

News from Ethiopia from Brandi!!!

Here is some News from Ethiopia from Brandi!!!

Sunday night:
We are here….it was a great (long) flight with no delays or layovers.  We met Jude, today and he is absolutely precious….heartwarming….sweet, and HUGE!!!!!!!!!!  He is a stout little man.  We will be able to see him again tomorrow, court is Wednesday and then our flight from Ethiopia leaves at 10:15 pm on Thursday. 
We are in love…so many kids…needing so much love.  This country is beautiful.  The people are amazing…the traffic, not so much.  We have been blessed.  Our current prayer needs are for his health, he is sick; for our children, at home; safe flight; our 171 H to come in, and for us to be back, in-country VERY VERY soon!
He has some green snot and a bad cough…as do most of the children. They were so precious. He LOVED the picture book and got quite irritated when someone would take it from him. He loves loves loves peanut butter crackers.
I would hand him one and he would crack it open and giggle, then he’d pick out the peanut butter so daintily, eat it and then cram the crackers in his mouth. I introduced him to M & Ms and he had *no clue* as to what it was or how to eat it. He quickly figured that out.

I get to spend several hours with him tomorrow, but not sure if we can go back on Thursday. It is my hope. Seriously, I hate having to leave him. Woudneh said that if I were willing to stay for 3 wks, that we’d have things finalized….oh the temptation.  So many stories…so many things seen….amazing experiences……….. I should’ve been Ethiopian 🙂


Today was wonderful. Abinet still seems a bit sick but was much better today. Very very very busy and he LOVES soccer, bubbles, peanut butter crackers, and wahoo (water). We played and played. He has loved his picture book and looks at pictures of you all. We got him to say everyone’s name and he would just giggle when he’d say them. He is precious. It has been funny to take pics of the kids and then have them look at their own faces.

We had one little boy, about 3, named Mibeety (said MyBitty and he is bitty bitty) and when he saw his face, he screamed and squealed and kissed the camera. It was so precious. The nannies, taking care of Abinet are wonderful and the orphanage is very clean. We went to the National Museum of Ethiopia and enjoyed that. We also ate at “Lucy’s” and the food was wonderful!

Courtesy of Samson and Kalab

I have many many pictures and long video, courtesy of Samson 10 and Kalab 8. They were very very sweet and smart boys. They would read a sentence in English and then teach me to say it in Amharic. Tomorrow, at 9:30 am (Ethiopian time) and I believe it is 4:30 your time, is court. Pray for us, the M’s and the V’s on everything running smoothly.

Abinet is still not feeling well, as well as Kalab. Lots of the kids were sick, so sad to see because they just have to get over it, there is no medicine to give them. I’m off to get a coke, some chapstick, and to wash the goo off my face from the wild cab ride back to our hotel. Love to you all. Kids, I read your messages and I adore you. Will be home late Friday night with lots of videos and pictures for Saturday.

So Many Stories

I have had the best time and it is so wonderful how God has orchestrated this all. I have simply fallen in love with all the nannies and the children. Yonas has been very nice, didn’t get to talk to him too much. We’ve had the best time with the V’s and M’s’…so many stories that I pray I can remember. It seems, at night, when I have the chance to write, I’m so overwhelmed and tired. The big boys, Samson and Kalab kept telling me that Meseretu and Abinet are “best friends”.

Abinet was better today, still a very juicy cough and lots of green snot. He TALKED A LOT today and began looking for us saying “mommy? daddy?” He is so darn edible. I got to do lunch with him, put him down for a nap. I can’t wait to come back.

Woudneh the Great

Woudneh has been great. We are going to his house, tomorrow after court and after shopping for dinner, so I get to love on that sweet baby of his 🙂 Oh, I went to the infant room…..12 infants and I loved and kissed each one..they seemed so sick, though. Everyone was. Very sad.

Woudneh has taken us to the Zebra Grill and to Lucy’s. We’ve eaten at the hotel, one night traditional the next night American It’s been good…my mouth is so dry…nothing seems to quench it.

Day 3 and 4 in Ethiopia

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