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News from Ethiopia!

Here is the News from Ethiopia!

News from Ethiopia!

News from Ethiopia!  Today, we had court and it was so nerve-wracking. There were lots of adoptive families and then there were beautiful, young girls giving up their children. It was hard to contain all my emotions. Seeing their strength just solidifies the love these people have for their children. I Have no doubt that Meseretu and Abinet were so loved.

We went up the mountain today to the church at Lalibella and WOW WOW. If you think Gatlinburg is great, you ain’t seen anything yet. It was amazing. We went to lunch at the Sheraton. It was very fancy and the food was wonderful but greater than that was that they had a cool bathroom WITH toilet paper. Ah….it’s the little things in life that make me happy.

We also went shopping. It was a bit unnerving because there are SO many people and they ALL want you to buy something. We ended up having to get a guard because of the beggars. So very sad. Especially when the children come up to you.

Went to dinner at Woudneh’s and his family is fantastic. We had such a good time. Woudneh said that it would take 15 days to 8 wks before we return. Can’t be soon enough for me. I’m dreading the flight home, but it makes it a bit sweeter than he is letting us go to the orphanage one last time 🙂

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