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Kamikaze Squirrels

Here is our story on the Kamikaze Squirrels.  I have worked A LOT this week… every day, in fact.  I’m not complaining.  However, just stating a fact.  The children have spent A LOT of time with Big Daddy (whom I adore).
Enter:  Screams
I called one evening, during my lunch break.  Big Daddy answers the phone with a quick “hello.”  In the background, however, I hear the kids SCREAMING.  Beings that I was, indeed, 40 miles away and on the phone, I couldn’t decipher the screams as being “save me” screams or “excited” screams.  I could hear them all chattering telling Big Daddy “tell her this and tell her how Mumphry….” (Mumphry is the cat that was dumped off, at our house.  She was pregnant and now has 2 of the cutest kittens ever.  Their names are Buck and Freida).
Baby Squirrel
I ask what is going on and Big Daddy laughs.  He said that the children found a baby squirrel in the yard and something was “obviously” wrong with the squirrel.  It’s back or legs were possibly broken from either a fall or a car.  I’m saddened because I think squirrels are cute, but I thought this would be a good time for Big Daddy to teach the children on what to do when they find an injured wild animal.  I hear Peach in the background hollering “the squirrel bit Buck!”  She was not happy about that.
Instead of Big Daddy teaching them how to handle this situation, he approached this with a “predator/prey” philosophy.  He sat the baby squirrel down and the children watched Mumphry stalk/attack/eat the baby squirrel, only leaving its hind legs and tail behind.  Big Daddy was hysterical as he was explaining the shrills/thrills/grossness/excitement of the children.  I sat, in stunned silence…then I got incredibly tickled out him laughing.
Zero Electricity
The next day, I call the children on a break and I am informed that we have had no electricity.  They went to the neighbor’s house and she had no power either.  She called the company and a SQUIRREL had eaten through the cables and knocked out our power….guessing it was the mama to the baby…she was retaliating because of the cat eating her baby.
Mumphry is One Cool Cat
Not to be outdone…..Mumphry has one last say in the whole issue.  I came home from work and a squirrel stretched out and as big as my cat was lying dead on the back step.  Is this the kamikaze mama squirrel who knocked out the power? Did the squirrel fry itself when biting through the cables and the cat found her?  Was this even the mama?  I dunno….all I know is Mumphry is one cool cat.

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