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6 Answers to Papa’s Babysitting Questions

6 Answers to Papa's Babysitting Questions

6 Answers to Papa’s Babysitting Questions.  I would post a picture of Papa (my daddy), but because Martha might read this and daddy may see this…I’d rather not because he gets a bit….testy when his picture is broadcast all over the internet, so I’ll post a pic of Peach and call that one a day.  Having a large family and one that is willing to help is an amazing thing.

6 Answers to Papa’s Babysitting Questions

*Can she Drive yet?

1)  No, she can’t drive, she is only 13.

*Yes, she can.  I am the boss.

2)  I am still her boss

*She should drive because she is 17, right?

3)  She is not 17.

*Do I have to feed her?

4)  Yes, you must feed her

*Can I explain the rules of life, according to me?

5)  You must not give her the “rules of life”

*You may say I am not her boss, but I am your boss, so that makes me her boss.

6)  I know, Daddy, you are still my boss, therefore you are her boss, therefore have fun.

What My Daddy Looks Like

Here is a description and you can conjure up in your mind what Papa looks like.  His voice is thick like Sam Elliott….he also sports the long, handlebar mustache that Sam Elliott occasionally sports.  His hair is getting white with still a touch of black sprinkled in and he is normally wearing a hat (whether it be a cowboy hat, a baseball hat, or a hat like Crocodile Dundee would wear).

He wears cowboy boots or moccasin-type shoes, a pocketed t-shirt tucked in, and always sporting his belt, belt buckle, and knife.  When he goes to horse sales, he wears a nice button-up western-type shirt with a vest.  He always smells good and he sashays like John Wayne.  I simply adore him.

Letting Peach Spend Time with the Grandparents

Thursday nights are the night that Bug goes to spend the night with my neighbor.  She works with him and his FMD class on Fridays.  She loves it.  I told Peach that she would be spending a FEW hours with Jojo and Papa.  Her excitement level was off the charts.  Simple me, I thought she was just excited to not be home.  Or, it could be that she didn’t have to do schoolwork.  This is because Jojo thinks that is wrong to do work at her house.  It could also be the fact that she was chore-free for a FEW HOURS.  I couldn’t understand.

Mom Helping Out

She was up and at ’em on Friday morning…ready to fly out the door at 8 am.  I am half awake, driving 40 miles to work. My mom meets me at work, which is wonderful because I can snuggle, even for a moment.  I love my mama….simple as that.  They are off, I’m off to clock in.


Here comes 1:00, I’m off and head to Jojo’s to pick up Peach.  I step out of the truck and Martha is in her shop, working on wreaths.  Peach is in there with her, fixing her wreath, and Papa is in his shop speaking with a client.  I look up and Martha states that Peach is staying overnight and going to the horse sale with Papa.  I just stand there and say “okay”….this is odd….A) Papa doesn’t take anyone to sales B) he has already done with once with Peach and I thought that would be the end C) Jojo is always busy

Please, Papa…Behave

I go to hug Papa and tell him that I’m guessing that Peach is staying and to take care of her at the sale.  Then, I go into the house to use the bathroom.  It was there that I notice Peach’s backpack that she carries everywhere.  I noticed how “thick” it was.  For a moment, I was proud thinking she had packed books or homework to do while at Jojo’s.

As I take a closer look in the bag, I notice her toothbrush sticking out.  There were also some sleep clothes.  Oh and lest we forget to mention she had clothes to wear for the next day.  That little turd had planned to ask, without my knowledge, and was prepared just in case they said yes.  Papa can hardly say no to her.  Her passion for horses matches his passion.  He is tickled, she is thrilled.  They are certainly two peas in a pod.

Love that man, love my mama, and love my Peach.

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