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Guns Bulls Cops Amish OH MY

Guns Bulls Cops Amish OH MY

Guns Bulls Cops Amish OH MY.  Note to self:  What happens between Peach and Papa at the horse sale STAYS with Peach and Papa.

Me to Peach:  “Are you behaving”

Peach:  “Yes”

Me to Peach:  “Is Papa behaving”

Peach:  “No.”

Me:  “What is he doing”

Peach:  “Well, he got out his gun and was waving it around and shooting because of the stubborn bull.  Then, we got pulled over.”

Me:  “Let me talk to Papa”

There ends the story because you would *NEVER* believe what he was trying to do.  It involves the gun, other people with guns, and a stubborn bull…………..hearing her giggle, hearing him giggle, makes all the trauma in my mind okay.  That is the story of Guns Bulls Cops Amish OH MY. I love that my dad took the time to show my girl love.  She adores him and he is pretty fond of her.

The Saga Continues

Hopefully, more adventures are on the horizon for these two peas in a pod.  It is important to foster the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.  I am so thankful for my Granny and our relationship.  Love her and those memories so very much.

I can honestly say, though, that there were never Amish, bullets, or guns involved when we were together LOL.


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