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WE HAVE IT WE HAVE IT WE HAVE IT!  The GREATEST Woudneh in the WHOLE world sent a worker bee (whomever you are, thank you) to the region where my son lived and has his dad’s death certificate!
It is now being translated into English and then will be scanned to our agency.  Once the agency has it, they will send it to the attorney.  Then, once the attorney has it, it is off to immigration (again).
Once immigration has it they WILL approve us.
Once they approve us, they send the approval to the Embassy in Ethiopia.
Once they send it there, we get an Embassy appointment.
Once we get the appointment WE FLY TO ETHIOPIA TO BRING OUR SON HOME!
Only God could have orchestrated this.  He allowed us to meet and adopt our son in Oct. 2010.  We should’ve had him home by Dec 2010, but God had other plans.  He had to clean out a very cluttered room of my heart.  It has taken a year, but I can say that the room that he cleaned is clutter free and now I’m going to hold my son again.  He did this, He delayed us, He did so so I would re-learn to love my daughter.  I fell in love with her, by accident.  Fixing her hair (it is another post, so scroll down).
I am in AWE…..
I’m seriously going to sniff his afro right off his head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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