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One Year Ago

One Year Ago

One Year Ago

One Year Ago, a precious morsel of love was adopted into our family.  He is still there…we are still here….apart by an ocean.  Our love doesn’t stop, our fighting hasn’t stopped.  We are praying that God, will soon, bring our family together.  My heart aches for him, yet I’m so thankful for the sweet time that I had with him.
I now understand why people stay, in-country, until it is all finished.  Some families have it fairly easy.  Usually, it takes 6 weeks between trips.  Then other families have shorter waits, which is lucky.  Lastly, there are the families that no one really mentions too much.  Those are the families that choose to stay because their stay was extended for one reason or another.

This Wait is Deafening

The silence.  I hate the silence.  Nausea consuming me when I get the mail because I am afraid of what I will get.  I hesitate before I pick up the telephone because I am afraid of who is on the other end.  This is so hard and I feel as if I have lost my faith or that God just wasn’t listening to me.

So sad that I struggled so deeply with my faith.  The trials, tribulations, letters, words from other people, you hear bad enough, you start believing it.  Then, there is the whisper of Truth.  That is what I cling onto.


Please, bring my son home, this year.  Help me to see what it is that You see.  Ease my heart, his heart, and the hearts of my family.  We are waiting and watching for the miracles that you have promised to us.  Blessings.  One day, we will be reunited.  Our family will be whole and complete.  We will celebrate the miracles that we have seen throughout this process.

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