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Clothing Error #574 at JCPenney

Clothing Error #574 at JCPenney

Clothing Error #574 at JCPenney

Here is my Clothing Error #574 at JCPenney.  Please, learn from my mistakes.
Cute bohemian, floor-length knit skirt with elastic waist.
Walkie that you must wear when at work…clipped to said elastic waist of the cute skirt.
Cute bohemian skirt hitting the floor while walking through the store.
Where cute skirt, but wear tight, brief undies to clip walkie too when walking throughout the store.
Problem solved.

I mean, really, who does this.  Do you know what is sad?  That this same incident has happened more than one time.  Seriously.  I think I just don’t think because my focus is on doing my job.  If I have to work, in order to bring my son home, then I want to do a great job at it.

At the time, I was a MOD (Manager On Duty).  I was in charge of the shoe department.  Those days were a blur, but I did my job, to the best of my ability.  Sadly, I did not dress to the best of my ability.  Well, that’s a lie.  I did dress well, I just didn’t incorporate my walkie-talkie into my clothing choices for the day.

A Moment of Comfort

At least no one saw me or at least I hope they didn’t see me.  If they did, I didn’t hear any snorts of laughter coming from any area of the store.  For that, I can be thankful.

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