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What a WHIRLWIND!  HE IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise be to God.  We are so thankful that He has opened our eyes, our hearts and our minds to adopt.

Call From Immigration 

Yesterday, I got a call at 9:15 am and it was immigration.  They said that they received our addendum, they received the mother’s birth letter (blessings and prayers for her) and they received PART of my income verification, but not the one part that they need.  Ugh.

I jumped up, told her I was on it.  When I called, I was blessed to speak with the same person I’d been speaking to for the last few days.  It was then that I explained, again, the situation.  She transferred me to her supervisor.  Her supervisor was on it like white on rice.  It was sent.

Another Call from Immigration

Got another call from immigration stating that the documents that were in hand were too faded to read.  She asked if we had the originals…which we don’t.  I told her that I was on it.  I called my agency, Sheila called her right-hand person (Angela)…and Angela worked her magic.  Made all the documents bright and shiny, rescanned them and got them sent to immigration.  



I called immigration to confirm that everything was sent and I actually spoke to my officer (which is not so easy a task).  She has been WONDERFUL with our case and our family.  I asked her if everything was received and she said: “yes, your packet is done.” I just kind of sat there and said: “what packet, I don’t understand.”  

She stated that it was our APPROVAL packet and that we were approved.  I just sat there, then I balled…it was loud and really really ugly.  All I could say was THANK YOU.  She was pretty pitiful too.  She kept saying “Oh, Brandi, please don’t cry….please don’t cry, your son is coming home, please don’t cry.”  I couldn’t get out any more words other than “must go to husband.”

Playing It Cool

I wanted to be so coy about the whole thing and attempt to not let the girls know till I told Big Daddy first. well, that plan went out the window.  I stood at the top of the stairs…screaming for them.  They blow up there asking what is wrong and I screamed WE ARE APPROVED…there was lots of yelling, crying, praising Jesus, and hugging going on.  

Oh My Gosh, He Needs Socks and Undies



My next thought was  “he needs undies and socks…we have none.”  It is amazing what can go through a person’s mind.  I told them to get dressed, we were going to daddy.  That drive took FOREVER.  We finally got there (no coat and flip-flops for one girl; no socks or teeth brushed for another girl; and I looked like I had been run over by a train).  I got into HR and asked to see Big Daddy.  The girl behind the desk said “this must be an emergency….you look really upset” LOL  She even escorted me to a conference room.  Big Daddy walked in …..  I told him… was beautiful.

Tentative Schedule

We have a tentative flight schedule, tentative keep the kids’ schedule and Big Daddy bought my boy some undies and socks 😉

This Verse Carried Me

Yesterday’s verse of the day. This verse has filtered throughout the last 13 mths. It was first told to me by a precious lady in my Wednesday group.  She would say over and over that what God brought me to…He will be faithful to bring me through.  The night before we got approval…another wonderful friend emailed me stating the same thing.  Before approval, I went to post something and that was my verse.  I knew yesterday would be the day for a miracle.

God Has Changed Me

God has changed me.  He has begun the healing in our family.  Also, He has revealed that shortcuts are not His will.  Then, I need to be patient and wait on Him rather than try and control the situation.  Finally, He has revealed to me that all things come together for His good.  He is good.

Heartfelt Thanks


Arise for Children and Lifeline for advocating and pushing. Woudneh…Betty….there are no words for the feelings I have in my heart for you two.  Thank you for loving on my boy while we have fought.  To all who have prayed, financially supported, encouraged, and loved us while we cried…..I’m forever grateful.

God is good.…now off to pack.


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  1. Brandi, when I saw West Sands post that Abinet was finally coming home, I cried tears of joy for you all and him. I know this has been a long journey for you all, to say the least, but GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!! I'm lookin forward to seeing pictures of him home at last and settled in with his forever family! Congratulations!!!

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