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Blogging from Ethiopia

Blogging from Ethiopia

Blogging from Ethiopia

Blogging from Ethiopia.  We made it!  A long, smelly flight….fumes…..traffic jams……then…..perfection.  We pulled into the transition home, there was no one in sight.  I looked up and here comes my boy.  Dressed in his finest, holding the hand of a beloved nanny and in the other hand a bouquet of flowers.  

My heart.

The only way it could’ve been better was if the rest of the children were here.  In time, we will all be together and our new normal will begin.

He walked up to me with this grin across his face that, I swear, was brighter than the sun.  Thanks to the Son for making this all happen.  To Him be all the glory and the praise.  We loved, I cried, we hugged, then he noticed Big Daddy and went to him.  It was beautiful.  Woudneh got it all on the camcorder and took pictures of us.  I have been told by many nannies that they will be so sad to see him go, but are so thankful that we have come for him. He has been stable here, in the Transition home…he was the first child to “break-in” the new place.

We have played, hard. We have tried EVERYTHING on in our suitcase.  Lotion exploded, which brought him joy and he lotioned himself up.  We’ve played with toys and for now, the zhu zhu is the favorite.

The embassy went…well…I’ll blog about that later….for now, I will go love on the kids that are here and wait for my boy to get back from the doctor.

Vicki…totally blogged…be proud of me!

Love to all my kids holding down the fort and all my family and friends who are helping and praying for us.

Blessings to you all!

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