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Day 2 Ethiopia

Day 2 Ethiopia

Day 2 Ethiopia


Saturday, December 3.  Day 2 Ethiopia

We began circling Bole, ET.  My heart rate was up and nerves were kicking in.  Would he remember me?  Would he be frightened?  What was I walking into?  The not so nice seat lady was trying to be encouraging.

Getting Off the Plane

We got off the plane and we blew through immigration and found our bags.  So thankful that they made it…relief.  We move through the crowd of people waiting for their loved ones and we realize that our Woudneh, wasn’t there.  We couldn’t find him.  Panic didn’t even have a chance to ensue because when we looked up, there he was!  So very excited to see our friend.  Abinet looked wonderful and his smile is that of a happy man, who loves his job.

The President is in Town

He told us that George W was in town.  Also, there were about 10,000 extra people.  So the motels were booked, restaurants were booked, and traffic was way worse.  The police were everywhere, as well as, military people.  He was right.  We saw more police officers than ever.  I think, on the last trip, we saw 1 officer.  There were a few military people surrounding the local park.  This time, they were everywhere.  They were carrying big guns.  The traffic was atrocious.  That part, I totally didn’t miss.  

Woudneh said that Abinet was excited, but that he was still unsure if Woudneh was telling the truth.  He told us to be sure and give us our cameras, so he could take pictures/video.

Transition House

West Sands Transition house isn’t that far from Bole.  We turned the corner and the gates opened.  There was a guest house and behind were where the kids stay. There were no children…anywhere.  Quite different from the orphanage where they are everywhere and climbing all over you, as soon as you pull in.  

An Unbelievable Vision in White


I look to my right and see the nannies walking out of a room in the transition house. They had Abinet, in hand, walking with them.  He was wearing white pants, shoes, Oxford, and a pullover vest.  He was carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers.  His smile was all over his face and I heard Woudneh say “don’t get out yet”.  I heard him, but didn’t listen 🙂  I jumped out and sat on the ground.  Abinet ran to my arms and joy…I can’t even express the joy that I felt.  I thanked the nurses/nannies but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.  He was beautiful.

Taking it All In



We, eventually, went into the transition and explored the items that we brought.  He was so tickled to see the toys and the coloring book, but his favorite was the zhu zhu pet.  He really liked that.  We sat down to eat breakfast, which was delicious.  It was a veggie omelet, toast, and fresh bread.  He thoroughly enjoyed trying on every.single.item of clothing and then having us try on our clothes LOL

Meeting Friends


We went outside and commenced to play.  Lots of playing.  He played football with his friend Meron, while I took pictures.  I also had the pleasure of loving Habtamu, Meseka, and Selam.  They are a group of 3 yr olds.  So stinkin’ cute.  We also met another family, the Bambrick’s.  They have adopted 2 9 mth old kids, a boy, and a girl, and were awaiting clearance to travel home from the embassy.  They were beginning their second week in ET.  It was nice to get to know them and their children.

Feeding the Masses

We helped the kiddoes get ready for lunch and sat with them while eating their injera and red sauce.  Meron (12) was a HUGE help with Selam (the nanny).  Abinet said the prayer and it was precious.  I have no idea what he said, but he did and it blessed my heart to know that they are teaching the children about the love of God and how to be thankful, for even the smallest things.  Our lunch was amazingly good.  Such good cooks, at the transition house.  After lunch, is a nap….which Big Daddy and I indulged in, as well.  Earplugs and Ambien make for a lovely nap.

Sleep:  Son

After a nap, was more playtime and getting to know our son.  We are blessed to have a comedian, sportsman, and an eater LOL  We enjoyed meeting the nannies, holding some babies, and playing with our son.  The only thing that could’ve made this day better, as if my other 5 kiddos could’ve been there.


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