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Dhera Part 1

Dhera Part 1

Dhera Part 1  Tuesday, December 5

This is a day that I will NEVER forget. Dhera Part 1.  I have put off blogging about this because it was a very personal journey for me. One that is etched in my heart and mind, forever.  The images, the people…beauty and sadness wrapped up into one.

We were greeted, by Abinet, first thing in the morning.  Such a sweet way to wake up.  We got up, got dressed, and headed down to breakfast.  Abinet had another doctor’s appt, for his physical…the day prior was just for his TB skin test.  We knew he would be gone, all day, so we didn’t hesitate to say yes to Betty in taking us to Dhera.

Dhera is about 2 hrs away from Addis, but the drive wasn’t too bad.  The weather was gorgeous and the traffic was lighter than usual.  The people, who had come for George W was now gone (praise God).  The scenery, along with the trip, was amazing.  In the fields, you could see people laying down, some people were working, but there were people peppered everywhere.  In lieu of other drivers, there were masses of cattle. Just standing the road.  Some sheep herds and herders, a few donkeys, and a couple of horses.  This has been the most livestock we had seen.
As we were driving down the road to Dhera, Aschu pulled over.  There were Baboons on the side of the road…just sitting there, minding their own business.  Baboons!  Like, not in the zoo!  It was fantastic!
This is another way to haul sheep.  There were wooden bars across the bed of the truck and the sheep were straddling the bars.  There were several horses and “buggies” hauling everything from tons of people, to bails of hay to water bottles.
Hope Arising
Betty works for an organization called Hope Arising (please visit their site at for information on how you can provide for one person 2 meals a day for a whole month for only $20).  Anyway, Betty wanted us to see what these families have accomplished through the help of Hope Arising.
First Family
The first family was of 2 beautiful girls, 14 & 10.  They lived alone because their father had died.  Hope Arising came in and built them a room (made of mud) off the back of their little shanty house.  The girls didn’t feel safe with sleeping so close to the main road where anyone could come in.  Now, they can rest easy.  These pretty girls make coffee mats for the coffee ceremonies.
Sweet Girls
These girls touched my heart.  They are the same age as 2 of my girls.  I look at my kids and I try and put them in the same situation as these sweet beauties.  It saddens my heart to know that they are all alone, in this world.  They have no family to depend on, no one but each other.  One girl could possibly be placed for adoption, but the adoption of older kids is very very difficult.  Everyone wants a baby or “youngest as possible”.  I’ve never been that person.  Maybe it is because God blessed us with biological children, I don’t know.  I just know that these girls would thrive and be a joy to any family willing to step out of their comfort zone and choose the blessing of adoption of older children.

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