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Dhera Part 3

Dhera Part 3

Dhera Part 3

Dhera Part 3.  The next family that we visited was a mentally handicapped mom, dad (who was at work), and a baby, who was pretty sick. That baby didn’t like me one little bit LOL  Mama did though!
Another family was a mom of 4.   The mom is in the center.  She is standing in front of a wood “table” with a giant bucket on top.  Water fills the bucket.  On the bottom, there is a spout.  This is where the rubber hoses connect.  

Irrigation Houses

The irrigation houses are placed on the ground.  They are in each row of the vegetables.  That is the new irrigation system to help get water to all the plants and to be successful in their crops.  The more grown, the more to eat, the more to sell for money for things that they may need.  
This pretty, young lady, is a single mom with a child about 2, maybe.  She is HIV positive and she never stops working.  Her garden was beautiful!  Her house was clean, there was a calf, that looked really good and a ton of hay stockpiled for it.  She had saved the manure patties for fertilizer and wow…can this girl work circles around me.  Did you see her garden?  WOW.  Thanks to Hope Arising for supplying her with money to buy her calf and begin her garden to help feed her son.  
Our day didn’t stop, here.  Once we were done looking at all the wonderful things that Hope Arising is doing and loving on all the children that came our way…we were off, again, to Woudneh’s mom and dad’s house.  Not too sure what to expect there… shall be in the next post!

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