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Learning New Things and Reflection

Learning New Things and Reflection

Learning New Things and Reflection

Here I am Learning New Things and Reflection.  Every day, Abinet is learning new things.  He is learning about safety.  We don’t go and play in the road, we don’t stick our fingers in the outlet.  The stove is hot, the oven will blow steam in your face HOT HOT HOT, food is hot (please blow on it first).

New Foods

He is also learning to try new foods (he loves everything but hotdogs, chocolate, and chicken noodle soup).  We found out, last night, that he loves carrots 🙂  Who’d a thunk that one?  Veggies aren’t his favorite, but he will eat at least a tablespoon full.  He loves bread and chicken nuggets.  Mashed potatoes, he had to learn to love.  I believe he thought it was for babies until he realized we were all eating it and saying “yum yummy”.

Learning from a 5 Yr Old

He has learned how to use safety scissors, copy shapes and he knows most of his colors.  I am learning things, through his eyes and seeing how “cool” things look for the first time.  I was blessed to be able to have biological children and to see new things from a baby on up…this is different.  Watching a 5 yr old experience life, unlike he has ever seen before, is amazing.

Joy In Laughter

I find joy in hearing the laughter of my kids…all of them.  It is organized chaos, around here and I’m loving every minute of it.  I feel, that at moments, satan tries to steal my joy.  I feel like I have this little mini-crisis’ around me.  When, in reality, they aren’t crisis’ at all.  They are satan coming in and stealing my joy.

I will stand firm and I will claim His promises and believe His promises.  I will, with the guidance of my Lord, learn how to put things in their proper places and realize, that this time last year, I felt I couldn’t walk another step and this year, I’m watching my kids play outside…laughing and enjoying the Lord’s creation.

We’ve had quite the start to the new year.

It is almost comical the things that have happened, but I must find my joy in the Lord and run my race with perseverance and not look back.  Keep my eyes forward.  That is hard to do, for me.  I internalize so much and I overthink things too much.  I need to stop that and line up all things according to Scripture.

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do, anyway?

What lines up with the Word is Truth, what doesn’t is the truth.  That sounds so simple when written, but so hard to do when girly emotions get in the way.  Strength has been given to me, it was given to me when I asked my Saviour into my life.  Now, I must dig down deep and regain the strength that I feel I’ve lost over the last couple of years.  Focus on my family and making sure their needs are met and growing in my walk.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!

He has brought home, my son.  Also, He has fulfilled his promise that He placed in me when I was a child.  He has given me a home and a wonderful family.  We are healthy and can freely worship.  There is so much more… is He who deserves all the praise and the glory.  Without Him, I am nothing.


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