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Another Successful Birthday

Another Successful Birthday

Another Successful Birthday

Here is Another Successful Birthday.  Woke up to the prettiest 14 yr old girl EVER waking me up.  Jumping up and down…today was the day she waited her “whole life for”….she is 14, an even number..not 13 anymore, but 14!  My goal (because it is supposed to be all about me), was to lay in bed and have the kids funnel food/coke under the covers, but Peach had a whole different thought.  She was ready for me to be up and ready for our day.

Getting Ready for our Date

Got up, got rolling, got moving, rocking, rolling, and shaking….we headed out the door by 9:30.  Off we went to the BIG town of Paducah 🙂  First up, heading to Jojo’s house for some love.  We were blessed to have my other mama there, Susie 🙂  Got to love on both Jojo, Susie, and Papa it just doesn’t get better than that, but it did.  My sweet great-niece was there all full of snuggles and hugs.  Happiness.

Eating All the Things

We left there and headed to eat at Peach’s choice of Ryan’s.  Blessed again, cause my biggest sis joined us for lunch.  Such a nice time talking, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.  After lunch, we headed to  Books A Million to sift through the “million-o-books” that they have.  Next door is the pet shop, so we went to love on the cats and look at the slimy things.  You can’t see slimy things without thinking of nail polish, so we went to the dollar store and picked up a pretty color.

Request from Daddy

Daddy had a request that we go to the local Christian bookstore to find the “chick basketball” movie that was on sale.  Alas, it wasn’t there, but I got a couple of good movies.  We stuck around there, chatted with the employees, cause they are the bomb diggity and they all know me by name LOL.  Once our time was up, we ran next door and picked up her birthday cake from the most FABULOUS cake maker ever (Teresa Thompson who runs Teresa’s Sweet Tooth Confections..find her on Facebook).  It was a dog-inspired, tie-dyed cake and it was yummy!

Bug Kick Starting Supper

We rush home and start supper. Thanks to Bug, she had most of it done and the kids cleaned up the house, for me.  My mom and dad, other mom, and MIL came for supper.  So blessed to have family who we enjoy being around. So fun.  It was WILD but good.  She has a friend over, spending the night, the kids are fixing to go to bed…so am I.  

She had a great 14th birthday and it was pure joy to spend the day with her.  Happy birthday, my sweet blue-eyed girl!

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