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Happy 11th Birthday Boo

Happy 11th Birthday Boo

Happy 11th Birthday Boo

Happy 11th Birthday Boo.  My heart overflows with love on the day my sweet baby boy was born.  We had a great day, yesterday.  Well, great AFTER all 6 kids had physicals 🙂 and the torrential downpour.  I had to wake him up because our appts were so early.  We got him a basketball and for all the kids, a basketball goal.  He was SO excited.  We got all ready, did our thing at the doctor’s, and then came home so I could get some stuff prepared for supper.

Date Day

Off to Paducah, we went.  We went to eat at Olive Garden (which is my favorite place to eat).  He quickly learned that I was cheese heaven.  He ordered mac and cheese, pizza and he devoured the breadsticks.  So sweetly, he told me that he was a “beginner” gentleman.  I was telling him what a good gentleman would do/say to the waitress and how to properly pay the bill.  He did beautifully.  Finally, he said that Olive Garden was his *most favorite* Italian restaurant.  Love….love love love him.

Heading to Jojo and Papa’s

After lunch, we went to visit Jojo and Papa.  That is always fun to pop in on them and get some grandparent love.  We headed to the pet store to check out all the critters and then we went to the bookstore where he picked out 2 books.  I love that my kids love books.  Makes me smile.  

He had some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket and I had to go to Walmart anyway, so we headed there to get what we needed and he picked out a couple of things to get, leaving him some money to stay in his wallet.  “All men need a little money in their pocket.”

Next off, we had to go and pick up his cake.  It was a “Spy” cake and my friend, Teresa, again outdid herself.  It was so cool and SO good.  Then I promised him ice cream, so we did that too.  Headed home and started cooking his meal o choice.  He wanted fried chicken, mac and cheese, and I wanted potato soup.  

After a bit, my MIL came, then my mom and my other mom and my dad came.  It was so much fun.  He enjoyed every minute.  As we were ending the day, he said: “mom, this was the best birthday ever.”  Ahhh, success.

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