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Me Jude Go to Ethiopia

Me Jude Go to Ethiopia

Me Jude Go to Ethiopia

Me Jude Go to Ethiopia?  After almost 6 mths of my son being home, this is the first mention we had of ET.

We were coming home from a soccer game and we approached a stoplight that is near our church.  Jude pipes up and says “Me, Jude, go to church?”  I said no, that we would be going the next day.

There was a pause.

Then he said “Me, Jude, go to Ethiopia?” and my heart just about stopped.  I told me that ET was very very far away and that we would, someday, go back.  I told him how much Gaga, Woudneh, Betty, Dagim and all his friends and nannies loved him so much.


We got home and he crawled up in my lap, very unusual for a boy who never stops.  I hold him and tell him how much I love him and then I ask him if he would like to watch our ET videos when daddy gets home.  He hasn’t wanted to watch any of them since coming.  He said he did.  

I lay him down for a nap and we wait for daddy to come home.  Our evening was busy, with lots of friends over.  He is normally running, excited, sweating, and this time…he did play, but he was solemn.  I overheard him telling the other children that he loves ET and that he misses ET.

My heart.

I knew this day was coming, but knowing and being prepared are 2 different things.  Watching the movies can trigger emotions and memories that he may not be prepared to deal with.


We did watch the movies and he enjoyed them, I was thankful.


This morning, he seems back to his normal self.  He announced that he slept “long” and then he wondered where daddy was.  He has never asked where daddy was…he seemed lost without him. I explained that daddy was at work and that he would be home soon.  He seemed content with that answer.

However,  the English is coming more and more each day.  Also, so are the questions.  Lord, grant me the wisdom to be able to handle all the questions with grace and love.

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