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My Day in a Nutshell

My Day in a Nutshell

Here is my My Day in a Nutshell.  It is as busy as it sounds and just typing this has made me incredibly tired.

  • Big Daddy wakes me up at 8:15.
  • Get ready to go to VBS at 8:45.
  • VBS from 9-1.
  • Bug stays to help with the skit.
  • Peach goes with a friend.
  • Boo and Gigi go with another friend.
  • We are left with Catfish and Little Man.
  • Come home….enjoy the rain….rest for about an hour, in between fielding phone calls.
Timeline of Events

2:30  Bug comes home to watch little boys.

2:45 Big Daddy and I leave for Murray for Drs appt.

3:00 arrive at Drs appt, 15 minutes early and we sit and wait for an hour and 15 minutes.  Good times.

In between this time, I am texting Bug to get supper started and to clean up a bit because friend #2 has 2 of my kids and was bringing over some supper.  Also texting Bug’s “dates” mom to see when “date” will happen.  Texting friend #1 that we are at Drs and finding out when Peach will come home.

4:15 see, not the dr, but the PA and get positive answers, yet still questions

4:45 head home and make phone calls/texts about Big Daddy’s appt.

5:00 get home and Bug has not followed the “supper” instructions, so I redo supper.  Have a little bit of downtime.

5:15-10:30 talk with friend #1 and friend #2, then call my mom…made a grocery list for Big Daddy and he took Bug, with him to the store.

For a Brief Moment

While he was gone, I called friend #1, who had already dropped off Peach and our girls…there was apparently an “arrange” or a “plan” devised where friend #1 brought back her daughter, so she could spend the night.  No problem.

While talking with her, friend #3 came back because Peach was supposed to babysit and things got rearranged.  I kept 2 adorable girls, instead for a while.  While cutie patooties were here, Peach decided to swim with Catfish and Little Man.  Cutie Patootie #1 decided to swim…we stripped off her clothes and off she went.

Need Friend:  Bring Goodies.

Friend #2 came back over to bring me goodies and my children, but it was decided “before” getting home that the kids all wanted to swim, so they joined the 4 already in the pool (that made 8 kiddoes).  Cutie Patootie #2 didn’t want me out of her sight, which I’m good with cause she is edible.  Sit and bond with friend #2 and then friend #1 comes back with kid #9, who joins in on the pool-capades.

In the Meantime

In between chats, unloading groceries, eating chess cake, feeding Cutie Patootie #2 and a couple of potty runs for Cutie Patootie #1, I give Cutie #2 a bath in the sink (cause who doesn’t adore a cute little bundle of love in the sink smelling good and splashing with excitement).  By the time that was over,  friend #1 dressed Cutie #2 while I dried off Cutie #1.  About that time, friend #2 left with her 2 kids…and the cake *sniff* and friend #1 looked through some pictures I had dug up from the past….fun 🙂

Friend #3 came back to pick up the girlies and stayed to look at pictures, look for the yummy cake (that left) and play games.  During that time, we are getting 7 kids bathed cause they stink.  During the bathing, watching a movie with Cutie #1, the girls’ daddy comes over…tired.  We talk, girls whine and cry, big kids disobey and puzzles aren’t solved.  Eventually, we got 5 kids in bed, 2 kids (one of which belongs to friend #1) watched part of a movie, phone calls about date #2 are made, texts returned, and are now ALL kids are in bed.  There is silence.  I think I forgot to eat supper.

Tomorrow, we start all over again.
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