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Potty 101 for a 5 Year Old

Potty 101 for a 5 Year Old

Potty 101 for a 5 Year Old

Here are my thoughts on Potty 101 for a 5-Year-Old.  Having our son home, for the last 7 mths, has been joy….pure joy.  He is 5 yrs old and is one of the most amazing little people I know.  However, our bathroom is not so much pure joy.  See, 6 kids share 1 bathroom….3 of those kids are boys, with poor aim.

Cleaning the Mess

I clean the bathroom, a lot and I mop, a lot.  There is one pesky spot, on the floor, behind the toilet that always has, a yellow liquid on it.  At first, I assumed it was our male dog “marking” his spot.  We ended up finding him a new home, as he was not friendly enough to have around our little boy.  I thought the problem was resolved….not so much.  My next thought was the ring at the base of the toilet was bad and pee was leaking out from the side.  So, I had my husband and a friend fix that.  So excited, thought that was going to be the answer to my smelly problem and it wasn’t.

His Real Toilet

After 2 hrs of cleaning that filthy bathroom, it dawned on me.  My sweet boy lived in a village, where the world was his bathroom, then for a year he was in an orphanage where this was his toilet:

Potty 101 for a 5 Year Old

Actually, his toilet was wherever he landed.  Most of the time, there was no porcelain and certainly no sink.  This bathroom was at his orphanage and it was pretty modern considering the rest of the country.  Oh, there is no toilet paper, bring extra socks, just in case.

Stand and pee.

For another year or so, he lived in a “transition” house.  There was a bathroom, in his room and it was a normal bathroom, but this “hold and aim” factor was never learned.  So, when he got home….he sprinkled EVERYWHERE.

Tonight, we had a lesson in using the potty and how to point, hold and aim.  I hope this helped because this bathroom is also our “guest” bathroom when we have friends over and I hate having it smell, all the time.  He thought it was hysterical having me show him and then Big Daddy show him, at a separate time.  He got so tickled and my walls got sprayed………then, I kissed my son and praised God for bringing him home, and cleaned the bathroom again.




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