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Convo with Boo

Convo with Boo

Convo with Boo

Yet another Convo with Boo.  This kid keeps me on my toes.  However, he does have a point.  He does not like showers.  Also, there really is no time to shower when snakes need to be wrangled.

Me:  Time for a shower

Boo:  I hate showers

Me:  I know, but that is okay, you stink

*Boo goes and gets in the shower and returns 8.5 minutes later*

Me:  Are you sure you washed everything?

Boo:  Yep, I used Axe cause I’m a man.

Daddy:  What did you use the Axe for? Your hair or body?

Boo:  Uhm, my hair, do you wanna smell it?

Me:  No, I don’t want to smell it, but what did you use for your body?

Boo: Uhmmmm, mom,  I used water.

Me:  Only water? No soap or body wash?

Boo:  I never use that, I just let the shampoo run down and swish swish swish on my belly then I’m done.


*Anyone else have conversations like this with their 11 yr. old boy?* LOL


This is a typical Convo with Boo.  I would be lying if I didn’t enjoy these moments with him. One day, I’m going to blink and he is going to be out on his own.

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