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Happy Happy Birthday Jude

Happy Happy Birthday Jude

Here is a wonderful Happy Happy Birthday Jude.  Today is the most special day, in our home!  Today is Jude’s 6th birthday.  I have dreamed of this day, for so long.  There were moments when I thought the Lord had other plans for our sweet boy, but alas…I was WRONG and I am so grateful that I was.  Our adoption story is one that I still struggle with speaking about because of the pain and heartache, but I must say when the Lord moved…He moved QUICK!  If you consider almost 2 yrs quick.  If you consider mountains upon mountains upon mountains that He carried us over.

My heart still aches for his mom.

Tadlech…what an amazing woman to make such a difficult choice.  She gave birth to him once and then gave him a new life again by choosing adoption.  Adoption is a beautiful thing, but it first begins with amazing loss.  My son lost his father, to illness, his mom and siblings, his native tongue, his friends, his country, everything familiar…..he left.  I can’t even imagine what it will be like when he realizes this and I hope that I have the words to use for him in explaining this mixed blessing.  My love for this woman is very real and I think and pray for her often.  I pray, that one day, the Lord will see fit for us to meet, so I can wash her feet in service and pray over her.

Our Blessing

Today, it has almost been 9 mths since Jude coming home.  We have had NO issues…at all.  I was so afraid of the “institutionalization” had set in after him being there for so long.  He has adjusted beautifully to our family and fits in like he was always here.  I am beyond thankful for this.  The Lord knew our family needed him as much as he needed us.

Thank You

We have many to thank….to all the nannies that took care of him at KVI and the Transition home.  Thank you for loving and taking such good care of him while we were away.  To Woudneh, Betty, Yodahe, Dagim, Hermon, and Bealem…..there are no words to express how thankful I am.  In all the hard work, dedication, love, and being his family. Also, for holding him when he cried to bandaging boo-boos to just playing with him.  You are forever members of our family.

Abenezer Fikre… are an amazing social worker!  Thank you for helping us and for saving us when he puked everywhere LOL.  Aschu, our driver….you are the bomb in driving, vomit cleaning, soccer-playing, and bargaining.  All the people who contributed their time, money, donations for a yard sale and our church.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

My Family

Tera…………really………….that’s about all I can say without being all blubbery.  I love you.  My kids who said “mom, give it to God. Pray.  God loves you and him.  Be strong”, I am humbled.  Big Daddy…….adore you and your tolerance of such a dark time for me.  Our attorney Mrs. Vag, you rock!  Our home study agency, who gave us hope when we thought there was none.  Lastly, for the constant barrage of prayers (Forever Families Adoption).  My mom for making many many wreaths to sell for us LOL….love your talent.  If I haven’t mentioned you, I apologize….know that it is written down every single person who helped our family.  One day, when he gets older, he will know.  The Lord Jesus Christ for just being You and for showing us Your love, refining us through this trial and giving us beauty on the other side.

Today is filled with no schoolwork, lots of playing and snuggling and just enjoying the day that the Lord saw fit to create such a beautiful human being!  We love you more than words can do justice.

Happy Happy Birthday Jude

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