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Happy Birthday Bug

Happy Birthday Bug

Happy Birthday, Bug!  It is no secret, that I have 3 children “born in the heart” and 3 children “born under the heart.” Each child has(d) their own issues, regardless of the “category” they fall under.


With my oldest….her time when 0-1 yr. Wow, oh wow, oh wow…It shocks me to this day that I chose to have more children after her. I had an easy pregnancy with her (aside from high blood pressure). There was no morning sickness (well… to “eat better,” I ate a can of pears one morning, and they promptly came right back up….never ate a can of pears again….17 yrs later). I gained the appropriate amount of weight, and labor was intense, as it is meant to be.


During labor, I discovered my moxie and that I had it in me to survive the most horrible pain and to bring into this world a precious child. I had the discovery that I am the 1% that the epidural DOESN’T work in. While discovering that little tidbit, I being told that I could die from my blood pressure spiking. So, with that information, I had to have a shot of Magnesium Sulfate. It is given IM (muscle) in both hips. The doctor will not wait for a contraction to subside. It was an emergent situation and there was no waiting. Oh, and the meds will feel like thick, hot lava type molasses. Good times.

Victoria as a Baby

She was a beautiful little girl who learned to breastfeed quite quickly. Also, she learned that she “preferred” one side over the other. So, picture Dolly Parton on one side while I had a small “a” cup on the other. There was no way to cover or hide that fact. It was something. Also, she had sleeping issues. Those issues were the fact that she wouldn’t sleep in her bed. She only slept in my arms or her swing. Needless to say, I held her a lot because she would scream.

There was no getting a shower, cooking, cleaning, going to pee without her on my person. I finally realized one day, that if I was really quiet after I had rocked her, that I could walk strategically into the bedroom. Sadly, I had to do this strategically because some of the floorboards creaked. I would have her pumpkin seat lying in my bed. Then, I would have a fan on to drown out the sound. Quickly and gently, I would lay her in there, and that is where she slept for almost 18 mths.

What She Didn’t Like

She didn’t like bright lights, bright noises, people, animals, or other small children. The nursery workers were frightened of her because she would not stop screaming. They would sit her on the floor. Then someone would sit behind her, never touching her. She seemed content. I created a photo book of all our relatives. Before we would leave the house, for anywhere, we would go over the book. This is a book of who might be where we were going. That seemed to ease her anxiety. But, if someone were there that WASN’T in the book…she would scream. Loudly. The entire time.


I remember when she was about 13-14 mths old (she was also a late crawler and walker). There I was sitting at the table and playing Scrabble by myself. Victoria was across from me, eating breakfast. I was putting the letters back in the bag. As I was doing so (me not speaking), she was naming off the letters. She knew most of the alphabet! I sat there thinking this child can’t walk, but she has memorized Bible songs, Barney songs, and she knows the alphabet? Finally, I asked her if she could spell her name. She said V-I-C-T-O-R-I-A….she did it while writing her name in the air and then putting a line under it. I sat, in awe thinking I am going to have my hands full.

Love of Reading

She was reading chapter books by 3, and from that moment on….my life has been full of wonderment and excitement. She is a focused, Godly young lady who knows right from wrong and walks that line. Now, I am not saying that she is perfect because she isn’t. She is quick to admit where she has screwed up and is genuinely sorry when she does screw up. For most of her life, she has been homeschooled. She loves to read, crochet, knit, do puzzles, help others, and work with special needs. Also, she loves cats (though they make her sick). She is full of compassion, love and is a mother hen. Eager to help, to please, and to learn more about the God who saved her soul. I am blessed, beyond measure, that God chose me to be her mom and walk this life with her.


She started her first semester of college, at 16, will graduate a year early from high school. Victoria has volunteered at a middle school, with special needs kiddos, for the last 3 years. She begins her first job on Thursday. This girl amazes me with her quirky and offbeat attitude. She freely laughs at herself and is so blooming smart, it hurts my brain. She loves missions, special needs, and missions Blessed.

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