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Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend
Busy Weekend

We had a Busy Weekend this weekend.  There was a youth lock-in on Friday night.  The big kids got back on Saturday.  Saturday was filled with referee-ing between the 3 tired kids (from the lock-in), 1 behaviorally challenged child, 1 sick child, 1 wild child, and my husband.  Praise be to God, that everyone went to bed early.

Sunday, no one wanted to get up (shocker), so it was like pulling teeth to get the kiddoes ready for church.  We rushed home, gathered all of our gifts and goodies, and piled into the car to head to my mom’s house for our first Christmas of the season.

Heading to Jojo’s

We got to mom’s house, early.  The kids played and I helped mom finish up for our dinner.  I enjoyed spending time with her…one on one….with few people under our feet.  We don’t get that, ever.  We talked, cooked, cleaned a bit, and talked more.  I think I closed each of her many cabinet doors 5005 times because she Never. Closes. A. Cabinet.  Door!!!!!!!!! EVER!  LOL, It was pretty funny.

Eventually, about 40 people started matriculating in the house, and soon, the whole kitchen was filled with people picking and gobbing the food that was prepared and brought.  Chaos ensued.  200 conversations going on at the same time….loud laughter, hugs, kisses, excitement.

Cooking and chatting.  See that blue fabric covered basket on the counter?  Would you put a wicker/cloth basket in the oven to “heat up” the rolls in it or would you take the rolls out…I would do the latter….mom would do the first part.  Note to mom:  it will catch on fire.

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