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Date with my Son

Date with my SonI had a Date with my Son.  Aw, I just love him…..seriously love him.  Having 6 children prevents me, sometimes, from spending good one on one time with my kids.  I do have special outings on their birthdays, but sometimes, more is needed.

Winter Advance

My big girls were in winter advance, with our church.  They were serving the homeless people and spreading the Word.  My son is still a bit too young to go, so to ease his anxiety, we planned an outing.  We went to Paducah and bought him a tie (he loves ties), then we went to eat at his *favorite* place Steak & Shake.  Normally, service isn’t good there, but we were pleasantly surprised by how polite the servers and managers were, though it was INCREDIBLY crowded.

Heading for some Fun

After that, we visited a bit with my parents and then off to see Parental Guidance (which I highly recommend).  Boo struggles with some tendencies that are brought on by too much casein (milk products).  Also, he has some gluten (everything else on the face of the planet) issues.  We went against the norm and we both had a milkshake.  Sadly, we are both fully aware that he would struggle a bit with staying still.  Also, focusing and making eye contact.  Sometimes, some behavior issues.

Despite it All

This is a treat.  He doesn’t do this often, so let’s not say I am a bad mom for letting him have this.  I have adverse reactions, at times, to an excess of chocolate…but yesterday, I had a double chocolate milkshake.  We all deserve some fun.  He struggled to stay still in the movie, but we still had a good time and we didn’t bother anyone else.  We laughed, snuggled, ate popcorn, and enjoyed the movie.  After that, we went to visit a friend who is in hospital.  He is a precious man, whom I love dearly.

Visiting Forrest

Normally, older men scare the crap out of me.  No rhyme or reason, they just do.  The first time I met him, I was in love 🙂  He is so precious and he loves the Lord and he loves his family.  I was honored to go and sit with him, soak his teeth, tuck him in and sit, with my head on his shoulder and simply cry…we both did.

A Good Man with a Good Heart

I was blessed to be able to tell him how much he means to me and my family and what an important role he has had in my life, the short time I have known him.  He has lived with dignity, he has fought for our country, he has raised and loved 7 children, he has loved his wife and more importantly, he has loved his God.  He is prepared to leave this earth, though it hurts him…the thought of leaving his family to go and be with his Father.

It was a hard and wonderful end to my day.  I am blessed.

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