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My Thoughts about Adoption

My Thoughts about Adoption

My Thoughts about Adoption

These are My Thoughts about Adoption.  I don’t talk about this subject much.  Adoption is very near and dear to my heart.  I love children.  I have always loved children…if my sanity could handle it, I would’ve had a dozen.  Since my body couldn’t handle birthing any more babies, the Lord took us a step further.
My Love for Ethiopia
He planted in my heart, as a child, this fascination with Africa and an intense love of children.  I’m not sure why because it isn’t something that was talked about at home or my church.  I learned about it in school, but it was a passing thing. I can only explain the love of this country by the Lord laying it on my heart. Well, whatcha gonna do when you are 9, seriously LOL.
Big Daddy and I are Not on the Same Page
Fast forward several years and the Lord blessed me with an amazing man.  A man who only wanted one or two children.  My thoughts, 4 or more LOL.  We were not on the same page.  We had our first, then our second and we both felt our family wasn’t complete so we had a third.  My body just about gave out during the birth of number one and three, so we chose to take matters into our own hands and play God, so we permanently decided to fix this issue to where we couldn’t have any more kiddos.
Falling in Love with International Adoption
I was busy.  I had all my beauties 5, 3, and newborn, and it was all I could do to keep my head above water.  As my youngest got older, my uterus starting hurting LOL.  I began silently researching adoption, and when I was ready, I would present my husband with a case.  During this time, my sister had adopted an older child from the Philippines.  She was (is) an amazing young girl, and she made my husband’s heart melt.  He saw a love that was just like the love he felt for his biological kids, but it was through the gift of adoption.  I didn’t have to do any prodding, the Lord did all the work, and he said: “pick a country.”
Ethiopian Adoption
You only have to ask me once, and I was on it like white on rice.  We, initially chose, Korea because they had a stipulation where, if we couldn’t travel, we could arrange for an escort.  Sounded fantastic.  Korea, however, had some pretty strict rules…first and foremost, we already had too many kids in our home.  We stopped, dead in our tracks.  I was heartbroken.  We turned to Africa because there is no limit as to how many kids we could have.  Cost got in the way.
Foster to Adopt
While we were researching, we began thinking about foster care.  There are SO many kids in the foster care system.  The doors started flinging open, so we jumped in, full force.  We took our 10 weeks worth of classes, we took sexual abuse classes, Care Plus classes…we took them all, got certified, and then we were blessed with a sibling group of 2. Our daughter was 2, and our son was 10 mths….they were biracial and delicious.  Our daughter was non-verbal, and our son had never eaten any type of food.  It was a transition, to say the least.
So My Thoughts about Adoption are… be continued…..

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