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Raising Boys and Raising Girls

Raising Boys and Raising GirlsHere are my random thoughts on Raising Boys and Raising Girls.

Raising Boys

They are cute.  Yet, they smell like beef and cheese or candy.  Honestly, they give great hugs.

Their toy collection consists of cars and guns.  They can run through the house and touch all the light fixtures.  Oh, and they can swing on the closet bar, like Tarzan, and put holes through the wall.  Yet fix it with duct tape.

In an 8×10 room, they can play full tackle football, complete with injuries.  They eat fast and love hard.  When they fall, they get right back up.  Truth be told, they can fall from a tree, bruising kidneys and backs.  Then, climb back up it the next day.

They run horses while yelling “YEEHAW” like a cowboy.  Also, they like to play cowboys and Indians with a “live horse.” This is done while shooting cap guns behind the said horse.  Honestly, this is not wise, friends…not wise.  It is discussed why boogers can be lunch.  Also, any kind of food, on a stick, is appealing.

Bushes will never survive boys.


They cry and then they laugh.

There is a lot of hair flipping and then they cry.

Once that is done, they laugh again and flip their hair again.

The End.


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