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The Poop Mystery

The Poop Mystery

The Poop Mystery

Here The Poop Mystery that I will not soon forget.  Never assume.  Never guess.  Use your sense.  Think before you eat!

Fresh out of bed, run to grab a shower, come out ready to start my day (forgetting to put on the all-important pair of glasses)…I look down and I think “why are there chocolate bits on my floor?” I reach down to pick it up and try to see it more clearly and I realize I’ve picked up bits of dried dog crap.

Big Daddy

He has laughed and laughed about my poop mystery.  I have been known to wake up with a bag of Snickers under my arm.  Seriously, I have a problem.  I lost my sweet tooth a long time ago, but it has come back.  Honestly, with a vengeance.

So, I felt like it was a good assumption that it was chocolate that had fallen off my shirt.  This could have occurred at any time due to going to the bathroom and all.  Alas, I was wrong and I should really stop smelling all the things.

The moral to the Story

Ah, the start to my morning.

Lesson Learned in a Moment.

Don’t assume anything….ever.

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