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Black and White


Black and White

Black and White.  When my son came home from Ethiopia, after a long long LONG separation from us….it was clear to him that he “looked” different than the people that lived in this house and community.  We are all pasty white and he is black and beautiful.

What a strange feeling for him.

Leaving his country, his language, sights, sounds, and foods behind to come to America and be surrounded by white people.  Some people were nice about it and some people were not nice about his skin color.  To some people, there was a difference.  He was “less” than others because of the color of his skin.  They made it evident by the looks and the sideways comments.

Holding Hands

One day, my sweet son and I were cuddling up to watch a movie and we were holding hands.  He was matching up his hand to mine and we were comparing how much bigger my hand was than his.  As we were playing, he looked at me and said: “look, mama, we are the same…our hands match.”  I just smiled and said “they sure do.  Our hands match, our eyes match, our hearts match, we have *so* much that matches….you look just like me!”

Remember that though someone may look different to you, whether it is race, disability, man or woman….please know that we are ALL created in the image of Jesus.  We are loved without abandon by our God.

Sometimes it is best to stop and think before opening your mouth.

Black and White

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