Faith Journey

Just the Dark Before the Morning

Just the Dark Before the Morning.  My morning is here.  Today, the pain and hurt of yesterday are gone. I choose joy.  This song carried me through some very dark times.  This was during our most difficult time with one of our children. Also, it was during our adoption journey with Jude.

Learning to Trust

I would listen to this every single time I would go to work.  It filled my soul and it gives me a sense of hope that I felt was diminishing.  Even when I listen to it now, I go back to 7 years ago during that season of my life.  The government had dictated how I live my life.  It told me to put my kids in school, go back to work, do XYZ, and then you could possibly bring your son home.

Seasons of Life

Through this time, however, I met some people in my life.  One person is still in my life and he is a dear friend that I completely treasure.  The other, well, she was there for a season.  What a beautiful season that was and I hold that time dear to my heart.  It is always Just the Dark Before the Morning.

Just the Dark Before the Morning

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