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She’s Waited Her Whole Life

She's Waited Her Whole Life

She’s Waited Her Whole Life

She’s Waited Her Whole Life to celebrate Sweet 16.  I simply cannot believe my baby is 16.  She has been counting down the days since she was 13 years old.  A couple of days ago, while we were eating supper…she looked at me with those giant blue eyes and said: “Mom, I’ve waited for my WHOLE LIFE to be 16.”  Aw, to be young and excited about the newest chapter in her life.

Change is Coming

At 16 (she believes but not so much of a reality), she can stay up later, get her permit, date, and gets a cell phone.  My goodness.  The excitement doesn’t stop.  The reality is, she will still go to bed at a decent hour, she can get her permit but she needs to realize that driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.  Dating, if the boy can withstand me then we will see.  We are more of a courting family (although it has never been an issue…not yet), and she did get a cell phone.

Who knew that it is such a big deal to have a cellphone.  I’ve seen kids as young as 9 with one.  I’m like seriously, people, who the heck are they gonna call.  Are you gonna call them on their cells to let them know that dinner is ready when the child is 6 feet away?  I don’t think so.

Cell Phone Rules

There are strict restrictions on phones.  Phones are turned off and put in a basket, on the mantle by 8 pm.  They are not turned back on until 9 am.  It may be turned on during school hours, but it is not used.  It doesn’t even come in the church because I feel that is disrespectful.  I have full rights to see/delete/add to anything because I pay the bill.  She is 16.  As long as she lives under my roof, it’s my rules.  There is so much evil in this world and so much cyber-bullying, that I will do what I can, when I can to protect my children.


It has been such an honor to have been chosen by God to raise this beautiful child.  She is a spitfire.  Honestly, she is much like I was (am).  Boy…am I getting paid back!  She loves horses, drawing, giggling, and coloring.  Also, she is my resident animal whisperer.  She loves to laugh and she hates math.  It is important to note that she is brilliant, just chooses not to apply her brilliance at times.  She loves the Lord and missions.  Peach is an excellent babysitter and she is simply funny.  That, and she is stunning!  I make beautiful babies 🙂

Happy Birthday my sweet Peachy Girl!  Looking forward to seeing the path that the Lord has laid out for you!

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