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Cesspool of Hell

Cesspool of Hell

Cesspool of Hell

Their bedroom is a Cesspool of Hell. Thank God, I love these boys cause if I didn’t.

Today, my ambition was a little more than I had anticipated. We have four bedrooms in our home. Our oldest has her room, the three other girls share a room, and the three boys share a room. A few days ago, I had the boys remove EVERYTHING in their room, except their beds.

Large Family Laundry

We washed all the bedding and fluffed all their pillows. Then, we threw their stuffed animals in the dryer with a dryer sheet. Adding the dryer sheet helps get the NASTY smell of boy sweat out of that room.


Large Family Carpet Cleaning

A friend came over and cleaned their carpet. At one point, she had to take apart the carpet cleaner to pull out all the hair and nasty from it. Sadly, this was because it stopped sucking up the dirty water. I looked over when she had put it back together. There, I watched black water coming up out of the carpet. The smell was atrocious. So bad that I had to open the window to let in some fresh air.

While she was doing that, I was washing ALL their clothes.

My boys smell. They smell.

I went through all their crap toys, and I collected two bags of garbage. There is no more floor space to add anything. The little boys have containers that hold underwear and socks. Their other clothes hang upstairs in my closet. His clothes hang in the super small closet in their room.

I keep their toys in 20-gallon Sterilite containers, and they stay in a coat closet in the front hall. That is also where I keep all the games and a bookcase for our many books. There is no room for coats in that coat closet.

I make use of every single nook and cranny in my house.

I am still not done, though I have been working so hard. The boys do help, but I like to get it done quickly, and they tend to find “lost stuff” and start to play.

I had the big girls organize the games for me, so that was a load off. Peach does the laundry, and she has worked diligently for three days washing all their stuff. Bug does what I ask when she is home. Most of the time, I am the one organizing, repairing, throwing away, finding, rehoming everything in that room. 

I may take a picture of what is still occupying my dining room and foyer. I should have taken a before picture so you could see the progress.

If I don’t blog tomorrow, send in the army.

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