Hearing Aid Fun

Hearing Aid FunHearing Aid Fun


Hearing Aid Fun

Hearing Aid Fun or was it?  Getting earmolds is tiring.  He says it feels funny when the molding goes into his ears.  He was a trooper, though!  Sadly, a whole year passed before we even had an idea of his hearing troubles.  It will be done about a year after he came home to America.  He had no idea he was deaf, in one ear.  See, Jude, at one point, has been considered trilingual when he came home.  He could speak his tribal dialect, Amharic, and English.  Jude was a master at reading lips, as well.

Jude has been home for a year.  To our surprise, Jude is deaf in his right ear.  My mom calls on birthdays and she sings…loudly.  I put the phone to Jude’s ear, however, he quickly switched it from one ear to the other.  Honestly, I think I was staring at him for 5 minutes.  I was asking him what he was doing and he kept saying:  “I no hear out of that ear.”

I asked him to repeat himself three times.  Literally, I had no comprehension of what he was saying.  That phrase spurred us on to MANY hearing tests over the next year.  Jude is a master of reading lips.  The people who are doing the testing, well, they have to cover their mouths.

What a journey this has been!

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