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New Family Member

New Family Member

New Family Member

Here is our New Family Member.  Living in the middle of nowhere, close to the “bottoms”, there are a lot of strays.  We take them in and de-tick them.  Then, we feed/water them.  Lastly, we always look for their owners.

We have successes and we have failures.

Francis (pit mix) showed up on our patio about 4 years ago.  She was skinny, bleeding, wormy, gross, and hungry.  Francis can do tricks, is housetrained, and she has been spayed.  Then, we discovered that she was burned and tattooed. Honestly, she has been a joy.

Sadie (dachshund) was given to us by a woman, who clearly didn’t want her.  She was abused and had lived in darkness, on a cold floor, for most of her life.  I believe she came to us almost 10 years ago.  She has brought us joy, though others don’t care for her too much.

A puppy mill is where Lola (Chi) came from.  She had just had 2 puppies and she lived amongst about 50 chis.  Five Hairless Crested and other critters also lived there.  However, she didn’t know how to bark.  The first time she did, she literally scared the crap out of herself.  She is a comfort.

Today, Peach and her friend went for a walk.  They found a full-blooded Weimaraner.  He is older, full of ticks, has a little pad left on the bottom of his feet due to walking so much.  That poor thing was hungry, thirsty, and really wants love.  I believe, Big Dog (Dewey), has found him forever home.

*Sigh* another dog *sigh*.

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