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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a special day.  It is the day that I honor my mom, my M.O.M., my mother-in-law, my husband, and my children.  Whether you have biological children, adopted children, bonus children, step children, niece’s, nephew’s, kids that you just adore, or pets.  Also, let’s not forget those who have lost babies or are struggling to have babies.  You are all precious in His Sight and I’m thankful for you all!  In a world where we can be anything, always be kind!  Always tell the truth, even if it takes your skin off.  Also, be Jesus with skin on!

The lady who brought me into the world and raised me in the light of the Lord, THANK YOU!

Mother's Day

To the other mother who walked alongside my Martha and helped raise me and love me.  THANK YOU!

Mother's Day

To my mother in law, whom I love, and who gave me such a wonderful husband. THANK YOU!

Mother's Day

To my Big Daddy who made me a mommy.  THANK YOU!

Mother's Day

To my children who call me mommy.  THANK YOU!

Mother's Day

Lord, THANK YOU for the gifts You have given me.  May I be ever-so-mindful of all of my blessings.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

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