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20th Anniversary Trip

20th Anniversary Trip

On our 20th Anniversary Trip, we spent time in Canada, Buffalo NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and more.  We booked a reservation at the Skylon Tower.  Then, we went for a walk through Toronto and Ontario.  Well, we got lost in Toronto.

It was breathtaking.  All of it was just breathtaking.  This is a place I would absolutely go back to year after year.  I have never seen anything so gorgeous in all my days.  It is a close second to Dhera, Ethiopia.

We saw many nations represented.

In addition to the Falls, we saw Tibetan Monks, Rabbis, a sweet Jewish family, lots of Amish and Mennonites.

Amongst the many many people…. we looked up and ran into old friends. We have not seen these friends in years.  They were as shocked as we were.  We went to church with each other for years.  Actually taught each other’s kids during AWANA.  It has probably been ten years since we had seen them.  Then, we ran into them in Canada.

Tonight we had dinner at Fuji Grill.  It was a hibachi grill and it was wonderful.

 We were blessed enough to share our table with a traveling couple from Indiana.

We laughed, shared, and talked the whole time.



20th Anniversary Trip


20th Anniversary Trip

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