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20th Anniversary Trip Day 9

20th Anniversary Trip Day 9

On our 20th Anniversary Trip Day 9, we headed into Amish Country.

The place we chose, that we remember when we were going 20 years ago, is located in Holmes County, OH.

We ate at Boyd and Wurthman’s Diner.  It was locally owned and operated.  The food was delicious.

I got a few pictures, not many because the Amish do not want their picture taken.  Clearly, I took a picture of one little boy.  Respecting their beliefs is important to me because it was important to my father-in-law.  I chose to respect that.

Sad Fact

It was not as we remembered.  There were so many more businesses, English businesses.  It has become very commercial.  We only shopped at locally owned stores and no “English run” businesses.  The scenery, however, was just as we remembered.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

We went to Heini’s and we sampled about 20 different cheeses.  It was wonderful.  Heini’s is a cheese factory.  Let me just tell you, it is going to be in heaven when I get there.  A place dedicated to cheese.  Yes, please.

Excellent food.

We also got to see a covered bridge and a castle 🙂

20th Anniversary Trip Day 9

20th Anniversary Trip Day 9

20th Anniversary Trip Day 9

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