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Living Out God’s Story 20 Years Strong

Living Out God’s Story 20 Years Strong

Living Out God’s Story 20 Years Strong.  Today is the day that I married the man that God intended for me to marry.

I met him during a horrible time in my life.  Sadly, I was in an abusive relationship and very beaten down.  I had just transferred to our local university.  Also, I had moved out of my home.  My family was in turmoil and it was just difficult.

I remember walking into the game room. Amazingly enough, I had gotten a job, on campus, and this was it.  I was late because I had driven from my parent’s home, an hour away.  By the time I got there, the other employees had already lined up at the front desk and were hearing the “speech” given by the head guy.

I noticed a boy, about the third or fourth in line. He had on whitewashed jeans, a light green shirt, a cub’s hat and he had a lip full of tobacco (yuck).  I only saw his profile.

My first thought, literally, was “I’m gonna marry him.”

I had no idea what his name as if he was single.  Honestly, all I knew was that his butt looked AMAZING in those jeans.  Also, he had a kind expression on his face.

I walked to the end of the line and heard the speech.  Then, I got my schedule.  I remember looking at it, in detail.  Sadly, I knew no one.  I was paired, on the weekends with two guys.  One of the guy’s name was Shawn and the second guy…I remember looking at his name and thinking “who would name their kid Bart?”  Seriously, I had no idea who “Bart” was.  Honestly, I just got tickled with his name.  I even called my sister, snickering.

Then, as I went for my first shift, I met Shawn.  He was a nice guy who REALLY loved to pick his nose on yards upon yards of toilet paper.  As I sat there, I looked up and here he came Bart…..he was the guy with the whitewashed jeans.  I remember thinking “OH MY GOODNESS!”

My heart kind of flipped.

His eyes were sky blue.  He had a bitty mustache.  He was quiet and reserved.  His hands were HUGE….my thumbs put together would equal one of his thumbs.  He was smart.  Soft.  Encouraging.

Due to my “relationship” with the guy, I had been with was very controlling.  He did not allow me to talk to ANY male person.  Also, he would come and watch me.  It just did not go well when I had to talk to a guy.  He would just stand there and watch.  I walked behind him, I had no opinion on any subject.  He told me what to think, what to do, how to act, who to associate with….it was sad.

We had bowling alleys in our game room and occasionally, they would break down.  Bart and I would have to go back to where my “boyfriend” couldn’t go so we could work on the lanes.  He would talk to me and tell me what he thought I deserved and how I should be treated.  That I should be treated like a princess and without abandon. I deserved better.

He loved me and he showed me, love.  Also, he taught me how to love.

From meeting to marriage was about a year and today, we celebrate 20 years of marriage.  I’m so thankful my first reaction was spot on and that through the years of love, laughter, pain, loss…that he has never left my side.

Happy Anniversary to my FAVORITE person (you’ve still got a great butt).
Living Out God's Story 20 Years Strong

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