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Little Man

Little ManLittle Man

Yesterday, Little Man made a bad choice.  He chose to be a typical 7 yr old and tattle on his older brother.  His brother was in trouble for disobeying and was sent to take a nap. However, Little Man informed me that Catfish was not taking a nap.  Instead, he was in his room playing.  Catfish is asleep.

Me:  Did you tattle on Catfish to get him in trouble?

LM:  No.

Me:  Are you telling me the truth?

LM:  No.

Me:  Did you tattle on Catfish to get him in trouble?

LM:  Yes.

Me:  You need to go upstairs (to my bedroom) and wait to be disciplined for choosing to be dishonest with me.\

**Sadly, we both head upstairs**

LM:  Do you forgive me?

Me:  Yes.  But there are natural consequences to the choice of lying.

LM:  Does God still love me.

Me:  Yes

**I make him lay down and take a nap, as well**

After a 2 hour nap, he comes downstairs.

Me:  Did you sleep?

LM:  yes…Uhm…mommy….your bed is SO soft.  Do you think, someday, I could get a bed that soft too? I like your bed.

Me:  Yes, son….someday.

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