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Modesty Versus Immodesty

Modesty Versus Immodesty

Modesty Versus Immodesty

Modesty Versus Immodesty.  With all the young ladies (who were accompanied by their moms) at Walmart, please…I implore you to put on clothes that fit. I do not have any desire to see any of your lady bits flopping in the wind or hanging out.

Also, I also do not desire my young boys to have their eyes turned to you.  Sometimes lust will fill their little hearts.  Your parents either chose not to buy you appropriate clothing or they allowed you to wear something that is revealing.

Cover the heck up, people.

We are called to be a City on a Hill…to stand apart from the world. Please do not believe in the lies of the evil one and follow the ways of this world because it will do nothing but hurt you in the end.

Protect yourself and those who see you….do not be a stumbling block for those that struggle with sexual sin. Just because your friends do it, doesn’t mean you need to. Be that light. Be that example. You are better than that and you are worthy!

It really hurts my heart to see all these beautiful young girls and no one takes the time to get to know them, as a person, because they are too busy looking at all the body parts that are hanging out…and the parents BUY the clothes for these kids.

Beauty comes from within and radiates out.

it is the love and joy of Christ in us that makes us beautiful.

That needs to be tattooed on the forwards of every mom and daughter.

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