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Happy 10th Birthday Catfish

Happy 10th Birthday CatfishHappy 10th Birthday Catfish.

This boy is a…tree climbing, fish in the water, accident-prone, spaghetti loving (yes, he ate that entire bowl) math whiz.  Happy 10th Birthday Catfish.

He is a headbutting hugger, sleeper, biking riding, stick-wielding, sword thrashing, dress up king.

He is a child of the Lord.

This child, not only, ate this adult-sized spaghetti bowl, he had 2 pieces of a pizza, and about 5 breadsticks.  It was such a novelty that the waitress stood and watched him eat.  She felt like he could not finish it, yet he did.

He is a bean pole and eats more than anyone I have ever met.

Oooooh, we love him to pieces.

Hard to believe that this rambunctious kid came to us almost completely non-verbal.  He was 2.5 years old, at the time.  So tiny and quiet.  He just took everything in.  You could almost look at his pensive face and see his thoughts.  Sadly, he still struggles with communication and articulating his wants and needs.  I hope, one day, that he will be able to use his voice and speak loudly for what is right.  He sure is a honey of a boy and we are blessed to raise him.

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